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Avocados are harvested from orchards that meet the highest standards of quality and safety guaranteed by national and international certifications.

Hass Avocado. The story.

The avocados first originated on the land that later became México more than 10,000 years ago. The "ahuacatl" (meaning testicle in the ancient Aztec Nahuatl language, or avocado in Spanish, was discovered by the Spaniards in 1518, where it was a regular on the diet of this civilization and other cultures from Central America.

It is considered a fruit, and its tree is called avocado, from the laurel family. It is a very bushy plant with big dark green leaves, and it can reach about 25 cm of height. The tree grows very bright yellow, but small flowers. On the flowering a great amount of flowers are loss, because they fall to the ground. Each tree can grow up to a million flowers, but only the 0.1% becomes a fruit.

The fruit is pear shaped and its weight runs between 60 grams and one or 1.5 kg, depending on its grade. Its skin can range from soft and olive green to thicker and darker, almost black. On the inside you can find a light green pulp of a varying consistency. At the center there is a hard seed that is egg shaped.

Avocados in México are grown nowadays on fertile orchards on the fields of Michoacán, where its volcanic soil, abundant sun and the perfect amount of rain, are combined to produce an absolutely special avocado with an incomparable and unique flavor.


Correct shape of the Avocado.

Grade of Hass Avocados.

First Class.- Minimum defects.

Second Class.- Visible spots on the skin, proportional to the size of the avocado.

Avocado Sizes

Hass Avocado Production Process


The avocados are harvested from orchards that comply with the highest quality and safety standards certified by national and international organizations.


In order to harvest the avocado, studies on dry matter are performed on it, so its ripeness is of the best quality.



The packaging process is carried out on facilities that are certified for export with the highest standards on technology and highly qualified staff. A pre-cooling is performed to ensure the best quality.


Depending on the percentage of the avocado's dry matter, the ideal temperature for its transportation is:

21.5% - 23% 7 45
23.1% - 26% 5.5 42
26.1% - 30% 4.5 40
more than 30 3.3 38


We have the required certifications to export to the USA, Canada, Japan, China and Europe. We focus on meeting the needs of different markets, as well as providing the best quality on the Hass avocado at a competitive price.


In Productos Artisan S de RL de CV is our concern to have the highest quality and safety products, that is why we have the necessary certifications to provide our customers the peace of mind they deserve:

The System for the Reduction of Contamination Risk established by the National Service of Agrifood Health, Safety and Quality is a set of measures and procedures, established by Mexican authorities to helps us guarantee that during the production process, the product has the best sanitary conditions by reducing the physical, chemical or biological pollution.



Hass Avocado
10 kg plastic box
11.34kg/25 lb cardboard box
6 kg cardboard box
4 kg cardboard box

Organic Avocado

Guacamole (coming soon).