About us

Fruits and vegetables of the best quality to satisfy our customers' needs.

We are a company dedicated to the production of Hass avocado, as well as marketing of other fresh fruits and vegetables. Our company began operations in 2007 in response to the market's needs and demands for good quality food at reasonable prices.

In order to accomplish this, we created a supply chain of the fresh fruit from the farm to the final consumer as effective as possible.

The Company meets all the technical and administrative requirements that regulate the activities of our industry; from organizations such as SAGARPA, among others.

As Hass avocado producers, we are familiar with the fruit from the tree (where it grows, and know how to take care of it through the best agricultural practices) until the time of its harvest. All of these, in addition to permanent quality inspections that ensure that all the chain procedures are in place, from its selection and handling on the field until its timely delivery to our customers.



To produce and market fresh food of the best quality to satisfy our customers, by providing the necessary nutrients for a healthy life.


To become a leader on production and marketing of foods that help to achieve a better nutrition to society, searching for sustainability on each and every one of our process and the comprehensive development of our employees.