About us

Fruits and vegetables with the highest quality and freshness for the satisfaction of our customers.

Artisan Products is a company dedicated to produce Avocado Hass and to export fresh fruits and vegetables that started operations in 2007 due to the need and demand of people to get quality fruits and vegetables at competitive prices.

For this we create a chain of distribution of fresh fruit from the farm to the final consumer, as effectively as possible.

The company closely meets the technical requirements that regulate the activities of our sector in agroindustry, by agencies such as SAGARPA, among others.

We have the reliable support of producers, plus permanent quality control in all processes in the production chain, from selection and handling in the field, to prompt delivery to our customers.


To sell Fruits and vegetables with the best quality and freshness that satisfy consumers  and that they may add the nutrients required for a healthy life.


To be leaders in the production and commercialization of foods that provide better nourishment to society; seeking sustainability in each of our processes and the growth of all our employees.